Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crochet: Mohawk Hat

I have been wanting to make a mohawk hat for quite a while, ever since I saw pictures of them surface on the internet. Now, I've been making hats for quite a while on my own, but since I broke my crochet barriers and actually learned how to read patterns, I normally try to find patterns for everything now just because it's nice having something to follow.

Anyways, I am a frequenter of Craftzine's blog, and several months ago they featured a free pattern to a Mohawk hat on Craftster forums. Here is a link to the pattern. ONTO THE PICTURES!
The top of the mohawk is just 4" long strands of 100% wool yarn latched through the crochet stitches. It was my first time ever felting anything but I was quite surprised how easy it was. I took a close up shot of the what the mohawk looks like felted.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Dude awesome!! You should make some of these for cons! I bet the deathhawk one would be pretty sweet too!

    I'm waiting on a beard!!

    Oooh have you seen the kitty hats with long arms that you can use as a scarf? They are kinda popular here but I don't wanna buy one because its just TOO redic. haha. I bet they'd be popular at cons too.

  2. I do know those hats! I can't imagine them being too hard to make :D Maybe you'll get a ton of presents when you get back to the states!!