Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Crochet: Cable pattern scarf

First, let me introduce this scarf's backstory before I just wam-bam you with pictures.

Every year my family has a themed Christmas.Apparently just giving someone something they asked for isn't any fun, and we've been doing this as long as I can remember. Since my family is so gigantic in size, we draw names as well. I'm honestly surprised we don't have a Christmas newsletter!

Anyways, this year is "Mystery Christmas" which I am pretty excited about. It's not really a mystery as in Murder She Wrote, more of a, "holy-crap-I-don't-have-the-slightest-idea-what-I'm-going-to-get" sort of mystery. The Fam all agreed that it would be more fun if we didn't know which present came from who, so the general consensus was that everyone is to wrap their presents in the Sunday Comics of the newspaper. No labels, nothing. Your name is drawn, you get to pick your present.

It's kinda like dirty santa except I think we agreed no "official" trading.

So for my gift, which has to be gender neutral (there goes that zebra print snuggie idea!), I decided to crochet a scarf. My friend Jonathan over at Knitting With Balls is working on a scarf for his brother, which he is knitting using a cable stitch. I loved the design and scoured the internet for a pattern that offered something similar using crochet. I found this free pattern on Ravelry, and here is the link for those who don't have an account on Ravelry.

Onto the picture!

I'd say it's about 80% done. :D Hope you enjoy!
PS- You will probably see more pictures of this when it is finished because I plan to pimp it out.

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