Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crochet: Granny Square

Ever since I was little I always admired blankets made entirely from granny squares. The cool design that looks like a bursting flower, and the normally bright colors just made me fall in love.

Since becoming what I would call, an Intermediate crocheter, I've wanted to learn how to do a granny square. I've had countless people try and teach me how, read several tutorials and patterns and never understood the instructions.

While lingering around on the internet yesterday night, I found this article on CraftStylish. I think the only reason I happened on it was when I googled 'granny square beginner' it was linked on a craft blog where someone had said "I never understood how to do a granny square until this pattern." It's honestly the truth though! The instructions along with pictures were VERY VERY HELPFUL. So last night, I attempted one!
I thought it was pretty good, at least it looked somewhat like a granny square to me. Even though I wasn't 100% happy with the results, I was proud nonetheless. It looked like gold compared to my poop results before I found the tutorial. Well, tonight I attempted the pattern again (with my whole wits about me, I was pretty tired the night before) and had much better results!

I really like these squares! I'd really like to make a blanket just using the red orange yarn and the colored yarn that I have, but I should probably mix them up a bit and use a lot more of my scrap yarn and clean out my yarn container a bit. ^_^

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